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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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To Horace Mann
82.    To HOKACE MANN.
June 10, the Pretender's birthday, which, by the
way, I believe he did not expect to keep
at Eome this year, 1742.
SINCE I wrote you my last letter, I have received two from you of the 27th of May and 3rd of June, N.S. I hope you will get my two packets; that is, one of them was addressed to Mr. Chute, and in them was all my faggot of compliments.
Is not poor Scully1 vastly disappointed that we are not arrived? But really, will that mad woman never have done ? does she still find credit for her extravagant histories ? I carried lier son2 with me to Vauxhall last night: he is a most charming boy, but grows excessively like her in the face.
I don't at all foresee how I shall make out this letter: everybody is gone out of town during the Whitsuntide, and many will not return, at least not these six weeks; for so long they say it will be before the Secret Committee make their Report, with which they intend to finish. We are, however, entertained with pageants every day—reviews to gladden the heart of David3, and triumphs of Absolom4! He and liis wife went in great parade yesterday through the City and the dust to dine at Greenwich; they took water at the Tower, and trumpeting away to Grace Tosier's5, Like Cimon, triumph'd both on land and wave6.
LETTER 82.'—l An Irish tailor at Florence, wlioletoutready-furnisbed apartments to travelling English. Lady W. txad reported that Lord Orford was flying from England and would come thither. Walpole.
3 George Walpole, afterwards the third Earl of Orford. Walpole.— Bornl73O; styled Viscount Walpole, 1745-61, -when he succeeded his father; succeeded his mother as
Lord Clinton, 1781. Banger of Hyde Part, 1763-83; of St. James's Park, 1768-91; d. 1791. In later life he was frequently insane.
8 George the Second.    Walpole.
* Frederick Prince of Wales. Walpole.
5  Keeper of a well-known chocolate house at Blackheath; d. 1753.
6  Dunciad, Bk. 1.1. 86.